Welcome to Our Site!  

We handcraft our soaps and products by hand with care using the
old fashioned method of small batches completely from scratch.
We use Natural, Sustainable, Kosher and Organic ingredients in  
our products. We do not use oils from sources that are involved in
deforestation and only buy from reputable companies that have
certified sustainable ( meaning they do not hurt the forest or
animals) We have over 40 different kinds of Olive Oil bars in our
store!  Bars are the best choice for our environment as they do not
require preservatives, plastic or glass containers that not only
impact the environment during production, as well as after for

But if you prefer.... We have Paraben and Sulfate Free liquid too,
in recyclable containers! Reuse and Recycle ! Although this  site is
actually Handcrafted too, (a little rustic!) We hope it imparts to you
our passion, and the Love, Wishes and Intentions put into
every product we hand make  just for you!

Bars: Pure Olive Oil for moisture, Coconut Oil for luscious lather,
Grapeseed Oil, Castor, Safflower, Sustainable (safe for rain forest
and animals) Palm Oil for a long lasting bar, Natural antioxidants
like vitamin E  and  Rosemary Extract.  Clay,Herbal
Powders,Oxides for Color. Our soap will not  pollute our water
systems, rivers and oceans. We are a City of Ventura and
California Green Certified Business.

I guarantee .....You will never buy that Icky commercial soap .........
Ever Again!!      I just wish this site had SMELL-E-VISION!!!
...Take better care of you .....And the Earth.... Go
Get Wild!

Dana Bailey
Owner - Soap Maker
Certified Clinical  Master Aromatherapist - CCMA

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11 AM to 7 PM

SUNDAY  11 AM to 5 PM

CLOSED (Soap Production Days)   

12 W. Main St.
Ventura, CA
(805) 236-3873

"Look for the Barber Pole"  
Main and Ventura Ave.
Next to Paddy's
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