Welcome to Our Site

We handcraft our soaps and products by hand with care using the old
fashioned method in small batches completely from scratch. We use
Natural, Sustainable, Kosher and Organic ingredients in  our products.
We do not use oils from sources that are involved in deforestation and
only buy from reputable companies that have certified sustainable
( meaning they do not hurt the forest or animals)

Soap Bars are the best choice for our environment as they do not
require preservatives, plastic or glass containers that not only impact
the environment during production, but after use in disposal as well.

Although this  site is actually Handcrafted too, (a little rustic!) We hope
it imparts to you our passion, and the Love, Wishes and Intentions
put into every product we hand make  just for you!

Our soap will not  pollute our water systems, rivers and oceans. We
are a City of Ventura and California Green Certified Business.

I guarantee .....You will never buy that Icky commercial soap ......... Ever
Again!!      I just wish this site had SMELL-E-VISION!!! ...Take better
care of you .....And the Earth.... Go ahead      
Get Wild!

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You can find Naturally Wild Olive Oil Soap and Products at these
Fine  Locations
The Collection at Oxnard
Santa Barbara            
Porter Ranch/Northridge
Long Beach        

The Refill Shoppe
363 E. Main Street
Ventura, CA
Ventura Visitor Center
101 S. California Street
576 E. Main St.
Ventura, CA
Lassen's Natural
4071 E. Main St.
Ventura, CA

Lassen's Natural
La Brea
Los Angeles, CA