Naturally Wild Artisan

A long time ago, in a valley not so far away, a wild little tomboy named Dana helped her Pop make natural lilac glass cleaner that was sold to Bob's Big Boy and other restaurants all over Southern California. Today that little girl is grown (thankfully without the bowl haircut) still wild and feisty and handcrafting her own Artisan soaps. Dana is a Certified Aromatherapist, & Certified Wellness Nutrition Consultant. As a Nature lover, Dana has lived in many beautiful locations such as the Colorado Mountains, The Pacfic Ocean and The Desert. Recently she moved to North East Oklahoma and is settling in her log home on 10 acres with her husband Lance and Pups, Galaxy and Smokey where she plans to grow flowers and food. 2023 Update: See our Lazy DragonFly Ranch tab for the new products, things grown on the ranch and videos from the Ranch.

Naturally Wild originally began as a hobby when I began experimenting with handmade products for my dry skin. It then became an online shop, then a retail store located in the historic Phil's Barber Shop on Main Street in Ventura. In 2012 we were asked to be in Whole Foods Market & Lassen's locally. We grew into a few Regions with our soap bulk sales and also added our Aromatherapy balms into Whole Foods. With the covid virus, Whole Foods being aquired by Amazon, & an arm injury, we made changes to our future goals. In 2021 we bought an amazing wooded 10 acre property in Oklahoma with a rustic log home that needs some love & set out to grow our own food, and become self sufficient. Enter our new Life... "Lazy DragonFly Ranch". We are still in middle of learning , working our tails off here and deciding what will becomeof Naturally Wild Artisan or if we Are starting a entire new chapter The changes have been amazingly wonderful and hard at same time.
Notes from Dana:

We are certified cruelty-free and environmentally responsible in our process and packaging.
Ingredients are always natural, locally sourced whenever possible, vegan, & sustainable (Sustainable palm comes from farms that do not participate in deforestation and harm to animals). Similar to old world castile soap, we use nourishing olive and luscious coconut oil for a rich bubbly lather, leaving no residue or waxy feel. All our soaps have a wild & rustic style that comes from hand stirring, pouring, cutting, & stamping. We put our love & caring intentions into each and every batch. We hope these wishes make it to our customers and pop out of the box when they open up their order!

As a certified aromatherapist, we also have aromatherapy balms, oils, liniments, scrubs, & facial products we know you will love. Dana is a Certified Aromatherapist and Nutrition Wellness Counselor,completing a Clinical course of over 375 hours of initial training in 2007 along with various other skin care education specializing in plant and essential oils , Certification in Nutrition, Senior Wellness Nutrition and MS fitness.

We look forward to getting to know you, as our customers are our friends!

Be Wild!
Dana & Lance

Tomboy Dana 1967